Welcome to the online home of world renowned composer/performer, Transparence. You are welcome to browse the site, listen to some music and get to know more about Transparence and his storied musical career.

Originally from Paris, Transparence, aka Auré, has been travelling the world showcasing his unique style. When asked about the name Transparence, the artist stated "Why not? I'm an invisible person, I love fluid feelings and walking on the beach in front of the ocean."

Transparence was born in Versailles, France, and spent his early childhood living in London where, at the age of six he began playing the piano and composing his own music. Through his parents strict measures of teaching and his innate ability to learn music quickly, he was able to become very astute with the piano and became interested in a recording career.

At 15, Transparence started a career in radio which soon led to his employment in the record industry at 18. His education in entertainment began around that time as he studied art, music and cinema creating many solo piano works at the same time.

Transparence has worked with several French bands, made killer hip hop tracks & magical acoustic songs for many other bands. He has performed non-stop for ten years, acquiring the very stage experience that first attracted Transparence to the industry. As a composer, Transparence has worked laterally as an artistic director, arranger, DJ, beat maker, sound engineer, sound designer, pianist, as well as a host of other industry related jobs.

Fond of every type of music, Transparence has created his own unique style of music based on the idea that there are some good and some bad feelings in our lives, but if we express them through music, we can effectively turn ourselves into a creation that is greater than anything else in the world.

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